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Pigeon in a Chimney emergency!

September 28, 2012 / Posted by in Chimney Products, Unwelcome Visitors

Had a call from a panic stricken customer, “There’s a pigeon stuck in my chimney, what can I do?”

Birds in chimneys can cause a lot of mess if they fly into the room so I got there as soon as I could. “He’s in there” said the lady helpfully pointing at the fireplace, “he’s pushing all the soot down.”

Using a torch and mirror I look up the chimney. Sat on a ledge looking back at me is a very sooty pigeon. There’s no way to bring him down so I gently guide a soft brush up the chimney, the pigeon hops on then gets a slow ride up and out of the chimney pot.

We all venture outside to see the pigeon sitting on the brush, quite content and with no intention of going anywhere. After 5 minutes of me shaking the brush he eventually flies off, much to the delight of the neighbourhood children.

The lady declined my offer of having a bird guard fitted so I expect to meet Mr Pigeon again sometime.

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